Sound isn't working on my PC

#The Sound on My Computer or a Student's Computer isn't Working! **There could be several potential solutions to why you are not hearing any audio coming from your PC.** ##There is no external onboard speaker. Look in the lower right corner of your PC. If you see a red X over the volume icon, it is likely that the computer is telling you that there is no cable plugged in. Plug in a headphone or speaker cable into either the front or rear audio port to solve. The front port is usually indicated by a headphone symbol, whereas the rear port is a green plug. ##There's an issue with the front 3.5mm aux jack *This could be one of two issues:* ###The aux port is bad If this is the case, try moving the cable to the rear (green) aux port on the **back** of the PC. Your computer should automatically switch to using audio from the rear port. ###Something maybe lodged in the aux port Occasionally, pieces of a headphone jack may get broken off and stuck inside of the aux port. If you try plugging in a cable and it does not go in all the way, *do not force it to go in!* Instead, try plugging your headphones or speaker cable into the rear (green) audio port on the back of your PC. ##Audio sources are muted or are low volume Right-click on the volume icon in the lower-right of your computer. Choose **Open Volume Mixer** and make sure that all sliders are all the way up. ##There's an issue with the sound driver If you've tried all the above and there is still no sound *or* you can hear audio from one source (i.e. the PC), but not another (i.e. your browser), try rebooting your PC. Sometimes the software that plays the audio will not properly, so a quick reboot can fix it.
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